Seeing the wine gourd, people immediately think of wine, the ancient times, the leaven of life and the ambiguous things of the origin, which gives us the feeling of pleasant and reassuring.

We often see on the roof of Turtle Tower, in Hoan Kiem lake there is a gourd of wine. On the roof of Ngo Mon in Thai Hoa Temple, The Temple, Hung Temple, Thien Mu Pagoda…. There are also wine gourds decorated in Hue. The wine gourd with a soft prize is adored by two Dragons or two Dragon fish. Not only that, but we also find that in many huts, temples, shrines, and even pagodas everywhere, the wine gourd is placed in the highest position. The Dragon is the most noble and sacred symbol representing the kingdom also respectfully and honor it. It is said that wine gourd is the sacred wine gourd, the sacred water gourd because it is placed on the highest point and in the middle of the Vietnamese temple. But Vietnamese temple is a dignified, noble world.

Ruou Binh Tay 21

The oldest gourd is from a gourd on a gourd tree, which has been cut completely inside, but only a hard, flexible outer shell left with a cool and simple color left. The gourd is the origin, as the womb of all ethnic groups’s mother. Ancient legends tell about the gourd tinged with spiritual and philosophical color. There is an enormous number of people in the gourd wanting to go out into the universe. They squeezed too much into the gourd, making the mother’s womb rolling and writhing. The gourd is painful to born, the god heats up a stick and pokes it into the gourd, forming a hole. So everyone in the gourd huddled each other and ran out. People near the hot spot ran out first, their skin darkened. The people behind are lighter. And who were born, in the future, never forget that they were from a womb. They tie the gourd with a beautiful string (later silk ribbon) and then put it to the neck or waist. At first, they were used to contain water, that is the most essential thing to life. This factor is not so important in the future. Then, they are used to hold alcohol. The wine in the gourd is holy water, giving everyone the power of heaven, earth and mother. Wine is used to sacrifice the gods. Later, wine is to drink and passionately love life

The gourd is the cosmos, it is empty to contain, capture all the immense and quintessential things of the earth and the yin and yang. Contains matriarchy, kingship, parents … all.

Water and Wine in the gourd bathe people, save people so that they can survive in prosperity. The prosperity of the grain, the boy and the girl…

The word of the gourd is Hong Lo, which is a very big, extremely gourd, both literally and figuratively. Pink is immense.

With Taoism, the gourd contains miracle drugs to be able to be a fairy. First of all, it is to stay away from the full of bitterness, and then become immortal in the very sense of generalization. In Buddhism, the gourd is a pot of wine, a pot of nectar of the Buddha of Guanyin to save sentient beings in the basin of suffering. For Confucianism, it is representative of Heaven, Earth, and Human. It praises man as the Lord of all creatures, human beings rely on the power of a gourd to be in harmony with nature, so they call the gourd a bag of wisdom. Vietnamese culture is a co-saved three-religion culture, so it is more consistent with the mindset of gourd. The gourd is “golden” (gold).We still remember the sentence: “Rivers are immovable and stable”. It contains the yin and yang transformation, contains the eternal war of the nation. Later, as the ceramic and porcelain technology developed, ceramic gourds were made. In addition, there are drawings such as dragons, sun, fire, phoenix, clouds … full of spirituality, convention. Including sending codes for future decoding

The real gourds and the ceramic and porcelain gourds in the lowlands are placed on the altars where the shrine or ancestral altar, including the worshiping plinths.

Around 1930-1931, in Ke Mo village, Bach Mai – one of the wine hometowns of Vietnam, people had a very famous song praising the wine gourd and wine. Here they brew and sell wine. Women also drink alcohol no less than men. On the 4th of January, there is a ceremony of god, sixteen virgin girls dressed in colorful, chalky lips and lips are dancing and singing. Each girl holds in her hand a bottle of wine. They went to:

Hand in hand … Love to drink

I lullaby … I lullaby

Spread flower sticky rice … I store wine

Hand in hand

Love to drink

I lullaby …

I lullaby… Spread flower sticky rice

Each gourd is tied with a colored ribbon at the neckline.

Up to now, in families, altars everywhere, especially in the countryside, we see wine pots made of ceramic, Bat Trang porcelain or porcelain in ancient porcelain ovens. In remote places or in mountainous areas, many original wine gourds are still preserved.

The gourd is one of the cultural material of Vietnam.

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