Drinking alcohol is a cultural beauty of Vietnamese people for a long time. It is said that the sad piece is the beginning of the story, the more for the “You of Liu Linh”, the cup of wine is the beginning of fun. That is why Nguyen Trai has a very good verse about the elegant pleasures of the old Confucians:

“The race is on a cup of wine and poetry

Tobacco is delicious or bad, chess moves well or bad”

(Nguyen Trai, Gia Huan ca)

Vietnamese men from past to present have always said: “Men are immortal like a feudal period”. A man who cannot drink wine is compared to a woman who does not have the form of a man. Vietnamese people have the custom of drinking wine while eating, which means harmony compatibility, according to the principle of “yin and yang development” of the Orient. So it can be said that drinking alcohol is an indispensable cultural category of Vietnamese people up to now.

Drinking alcohol is an indispensable cultural category up to now

Vietnam is a nation with a long tradition of drinking. It is a saying “the cup of wishes, the cup of reply”. The owner wishes the guests called “wishes”, the guests wish back called “reply”. This is the Vietnamese toasting culture. Vietnamese drinking culture differs from class to class. The farmer has a habit of drinking wine during meals or having fun meeting friends. As for business people, they invite each other to meet their partners according to the custom of “drinking wine is the beginning of the story” as a premise for social meetings and mutual understanding.In particular, the drinking culture of intellectuals has a very interesting point where they drink wine for inspiration to compose, discuss literature, poetry and science.

The drinking culture  of Vietnamese people is very different from the drinking culture of foreigners in general. Foreigners consider drinking alcohol a very formal etiquette. They pay special attention to the ceremony,the way to wish their superiors and friends is standard. A particularly interesting difference with the Vietnamese drinking culture is that foreigners enjoy wine slowly to experience the deliciousness of the wine, they think that the body organs can feel “that interest”: The nose can smell the aroma of wine, the eyes can see the color of the wine, the tongue can enjoy the delicious taste of the wine,…

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Not as complicated as foreigners, Vietnamese people in the drinking culture do not focus on ceremonies but just want to have a complete, unattended fun. Especially for the “comrades” on the wine table, they often do not talk much nor flowery wishes using only one word “Dzôô!” instead of greeting for a long time, wishes for health, words of encouragement, and sharing joy together, showing deep friendship and mutual understanding.

The beauty of drinking culture of Vietnamese people is admired by friends around the world for their excitement, indulgence and sincerity. But at present, there is a part of the misunderstanding about drinking culture that leads to undue consequences on health. Therefore, in order to preserve this cultural beauty, it is necessary to have a moderation of joy and not push so that Vietnamese people can boast a cultural tradition of drinking wine imbued with national identity.

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